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Production of individuality group usachimu's !!

At usachimu's !!, which delivers POP design production full of originality, we produce illustrations with caricatures and original characters, logo production, T-shirt production and sales. The colorful POP goods, which are bright and energized by the unique characters loved by designers, have been well received by many who have picked them up as "cute".

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We also accept colorful POP logo production.

As a designer who creates unique products, we also accept logo production full of originality. With a design that does not wear on people, we will provide one of our customers' favorites as a logo that has a strong presence and leaves an impression. As a professional who creates "kawaii", I am engaged in various activities such as holding a solo exhibition. Although it is artistic, it has been well received because of its familiar production, and its lovely characters are also attractive.

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Illustration production of colorful designs

As a designer who specializes in colorful and POP illustrations, we also accept illustration production. Through planning and solo exhibitions, we have been working to create works that inspire our customers' daily lives and make them think they like them. We also carry out "original menu collaboration" with people in the restaurant industry, so please contact us if you are interested. Why don't you add color to your everyday life?

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With a design T-shirt that you can choose the size and color

As a designer who provides "colorful POP and cute", we manufacture and sell original design T-shirts. Comfortable T-shirts that can be selected from many colors and sizes have a unique impression depending on the selection even if they have the same design, and you can order the one that suits you best. Kids' sizes are also available, so you can enjoy coordinating with your children.

Feature 04

Original caricature production with POP expression

As a designer who focuses on colorful POP production activities, we also accept caricature production. For those who like unique and cute things, we have ordered various uses such as room interiors and profile images. Customers say, "Every time I see it, I feel better." It is also recommended for those who want to operate SNS with a strong presence as a POP profile image that does not suffer from people.

Feature 05

Character design with loveliness

Designers who are good at drawing something that is stimulating even in "cute" are creating character designs. Please find your favorite items such as fashion items and stationery designed to brighten your daily life. As a proposal for unique and fashionable coordination, we are trying to energize our customers and create characters that are loved by each and every one of us.

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