Add color to your everyday life with a unique view of the world

The world view that usachimu's !! unfolds is unique, and all of them are unique designs that attract the eyes of those around you. We have a wide variety of illustrations and goods that are perfect for those who "like a style that is not universal and different from those around them" and "want to wear unique and colorful things as an accent", so those who are interested. Please feel free to buy it. Brilliantly colors casual everyday life.

  • Characterized by unique and colorful shades

    The unique and unique design that incorporates a little poisonousness into the POP world view has been highly evaluated by many people. If you like bright colors and colorful designs, please buy usachimu's !! goods. Also, if you want to use a unique and cute design as a logo or original illustration, feel free to ask for production.

  • We will realize a cute and POP world view

    We offer a design that expresses any world in a cute POP and draws out a unique world view. We accept a wide range of work such as selling useful goods that colorfully color your daily life, logo production, illustration production, and even requesting caricatures, so if you like the world view of usachimu's !! Please feel free to contact us. We will respond flexibly to any request.