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Hello, hello (⌒∇⌒)!

We are holding a limited time event price caricature on the usachimu's!! mail order site ☆

It will only be held until the end of September, so

Please take this opportunity to try usachimu's!! If you are interested in portraits, please try it ♪


This is a summary of portrait patterns!

In the previous blog, we talked about each pattern♪

If there is a pattern you are interested in, please let us know

Please go check out the blogs for each pattern!(^^)!

Thanks to you, I’m glad that the portrait was so well received ♡

Thank you for your request!

We will bring you lots of cute things (^^)

We are still waiting for your requests!

You can also jump to the mail order site from this link ♪

! ☺︎Event limited price portrait☺︎! | usachimu's!! (usachimus.official.ec)


usachimu's !!

Address: 1-7-2-38 Baba, Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture

Phone number: 080-5571-0321