[Character] Pochi

query_builder 2022/09/06
Character Design

It's been a while since the update,

It's getting closer and closer to autumn, and recently

It's a little cold in the morning and evening (^^)

This time we will introduce [Pochi]!

A dog monster that looks like melted slime.

Negative sentiment on Twitter

The reason I made it into a monster

This [Pochi] was born.

Maybe at this time negative emotions

I wonder if it was wrapped and drawn? ? ?

(( I don't remember ))

Negative emotions are really annoying

I've been with you for a long time

It's a feeling that's hard to get out of

I know that, but it's hard

control did not work

I don't think I want to encounter it if possible.

that's why,

At least make it a cute character

when you get negative

I think this child is coming to me now

When I think about it, I feel like I can forgive a little

I remember imagining that I could have it.

I imagined negative emotions,

Melted and sweet

sticky like ice cream

I made a design that clings.

The color is a positive orange color

I dare to wear it.

The negativity itself always comes to life

as it sinks my heart,

Negative at that time absolutely

I hope you enjoy looking at me

I thought it should be a happy color,

If you could come in dark colors, you could come

Excessive damage here

I thought it was coming, so I made it orange!

You're bullish, ^w^

So [Pochi] is positive

bring some problem ( negative )

I made him a trouble maker.

By all means, such [Pochi]

Thank you in advance ♪

Please read my blog today

Thank you



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